Al Qmash provides the bath towel in supreme quality which are mostly in white color for its hotel clients. We provide all the required sizes for the bath towels. We make towels with the finish quality of cotton fibres which has the maximum absorption capacity. The towels are bleached in such a way that they becomes ultra white with shining look. Our towels are made of the 100% cotton. The yarn of the towel is 0 twist, single yarn and double twist yarns.  These bath towels for hotels has the feel of comfort and great softness. Also we do the erasing for the designs in different styles as per our customers. The weaving of our towels is done in the world class air jet looms so the threads of the towels are strengthened. We can provide the embroidery of the hotel’s logo in all the colors and designs with the shining embroidery threads. This makes the towel looks like a towel of the hotel’s very own product.

Also we provide the beach towel, pool towel, hand towel, sports and kitchen towels. All of our towels are rich in Absorbing, great in feel and graceful in looks which are durable more than any other in the world.