Al Qamash has the variety of the duvet of the world over. For the controlled room hotel customers always need the duvet. This is the essential thing for any hotels bed. We have the variety in sizes, designs, colors and especially the fillings. Following are the factors which make the types duvets different;


The most important type for distinguishing the type hotel duvet is the filling of the duvet possessed or demanded. We have the following types of the fillings for the duvets:

Polyester Wadding:

Th is the most common type of duvet filling. We can provide the siliconized polyester wadding sheet fillings and non siliconized polyester wadding sheet fillings in duvet. We only use the virgin polyester and never use any recycle and pet fibre polyester. We can provide 200 to 1200 GSM of fillings but normally the hotels require the 300 GSM.

Feather & down duvet:

We also provide the duck feather mixed with duck down duvet to the five star hotels. And also the pure duck down duvet for an extra step in the filling comfort and luxury. We only use the highly generic and germs free fresh downs and feathers which has just no health concerns for our customers.


We also provide our hotel customers the polyester felt filling which is the needle punched compacted polyester sheet. It uses use 32 mm virgin polyester which make the duvet feel extremely comfortable and look very smart.


We provide all the sizes in the duvet from customizes sizes to the fixed Middle East duvet sizes but generally these are called the twin size, single size, queen size and super queen size. Mostly oue hotel customer use the single and super king size.


We use 144 threads to 250 threads of fabric as demanded by our customers. Also we provide the non woven shells which makes the duvet a firm and solid sheet which light and conformable at the same time. This is one of the specialized items of Al Qamash.


We generally use the box design quilting but we can also provide hundreds¬†of different quilting designs or any choice of customer’s design for the hotel duvet. We use the best quality thread for the limitless life of quilting stitches on the duvet.