Al Qamash deals in all sorts of hotel bed linen. Flat sheet is the first and the most integral part of the hotel bedding.
Flat Sheet Set: Our flat sheet includes the 2 to 4 pillow case as demanded by the customer. The set is provided in the packing which is numbered and labeled properly.
Threads and Yarn: Our produced flat sheets of hotels are made with the high quality yarn with great strength which makes the fabric highly durable. We always keep the requirements of our customer in check by providing the fabric of high thicker fabric, medium and finest quality. We use 120 threads fabric to 600 thread of fabric.
Color: Mostly our customers demand the white flat sheets and sometimes we provide the dyed flat sheets with the color of our customer’s requirement.
Stripes: Also most of our hotel demand the flat sheets with the stripes fabric where we give them the choice to select the pin stripe, narrow stripe, wide stripe and extra wide stripes from 1/2 to 3 inches of stripe fabric for their flat sheets.
Stitching: The quality of our stitching always meet the international standards of 8 SPI to 12 SPI as per our customer’s choice. Our labor is highly technical who keep the stitching lines perfectly straight. We also provide the double stitch design of stitching on demand which improves the looks of flat sheet.
Types: Following are some common types of bed sheets we provide.

Flat Sheet Types

Plain White

We use white color with high brightness from 120-600 threads of fabric.

Embroidery Set

Specialized embroidery designs are produced for hotel linen in various colors and patterns.

Flat Sheet Stripes

From 1 cm to 5 cm we give our customer high range of choice for the flat sheet stripes designs.

Flat Sheets Dyed

Our customer can choose any color for their flat sheet set in the both the plain and stripes fabric.

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