We provide different types of mattress with a range of variety in the product. Our mattress variety is composed of the types of foam sheet, types of springs & spring structures, height of mattress and fabric used on the top. We provide from the fine quality mattress to the world’s best quality of mattresses. Even the lowest of our quality is 5 years warranty which goes to the life time warranty for the better mattresses.

Two Sided Spring Mattress with LATEX Foam Sheet


Following are the major factors which we focus to provide the best quality mattresses to our customers;

Spring Structure:

Most of our mattress has the pocketed spring structure which is the best structure for a spring mattress. It use the 13 gauge of strong and flexible spring with are pocked in the thick non-woven fabric to form a structure make a flexible, comfortable and long life mattress. We also use the Bonell structure springs which are much cheaper but still a fine structure of mattress for the fine conform and 5 years of minimum life.

Foam Sheet:

We use the foam sheets of LATEX and Jflex. Our foam sheets are highly quality foam which comes in all the choices of customers form medium to hard mattresses. Our LATEX foam is 100% virgin foam with no artificial chemicals used. Our Jflex foam is a rich quality foam with the high comfort level. For the cheap mattresses we can provide the regular market foam on demand.

Size & Height:

We provide all the sizes what our customer demand and even we can provide the customized sizes. Our general sizes includes; 120 x 200 cms         150 x 200 cms         180 x 200 cms       and    200 x 200 cms

The height of our mattresses are generally 27 cms and we can also provide the double sided 32 cm high mattress which can flip even after the wrack less damage or life of the mattress.

Gel Mattress:

We also provide the best Gel mattress in the world in which not only provide the most comfortable Gel Sheet but it also changes temperature opposite to the weather season. This is the world’s most luxurious mattress for our customers.

Mattress Base:

We also provide the mattress base or bed support which makes makes the bed higher and it also helps the mattress for keeping its shape longer as it distributes body weight of user. This provides additional support and lightens the load. These are classical designs and adds the beauty in your room. The normal height of mattress base is 20 cms and we also provide up to 35 cm high. The legs of this increase it’s height. The spring mattress base increase your level of comfort. It has great portability and it gets rid of  heavy and expensive beds to keep in Hotel or Home. We can provide all sizes of Mattress bases.