Pillow cover in hotel industry also called pillow case and pillow slip. Also when this is the cover of euro pillow, cushion, neckroll or bolster then it is named the same as the item in addition with the cover word. Normally there are 2-4 pillow covers added with the flat sheet set. 1-2 Euro Pillow Covers and other cushion covers are demanded for the suits rooms in hotels as well.

We provide cover of every item of bedding filling we provide and also provide these covers separately in customized sizes as required by our customers. A bed cannot be completed without the pillow so; the pillow without pillow cover. Our pillow covers are also customized in designs considering their stitching style of 2-3 inches boarder, without borders, embroidery matching the flat sheet and the pillow covers are always exactly made of the same fabric as the flat sheet. Sometimes a few cushion covers are made in a fancy fabric matching or in contrast with the bed throw.

A few of our smaller apartment clients demand the pillow cover pair in the dyed fabric which is used with the random bed sheets.

Hotel Pillow Covers