Pillows provided by Al Qamash are the luxurious and exemplary product considering the comfort in the Hotels.  Like everything else in the hotel textiles we provide the pillows in the customized sizes, designs and fillings to the hotels world over. Mainly our sizes are single are 20″ x 26″, 20″x 30″, 22″ x 34″, 22″x 36 or any other size our customer demands. In the pillow shell we use poly cotton 144 threads to 250 thread or as our hotel customer require.  Also we produce the non-woven pillow shells which makes the pillows a solid but soft thing at the same time.

Hotel Pillows

In fillings we provide variety of things like soilinized polyester, virgin ball fibre polyester, duck feathers, duck downs and number of other things. In feather pillows customer has the choice to select the percentage of downs to make the pillow more and more softer and luxury. The pillows are of the moderate height where the hotel has the choice to make it thicker of smarter. Pure duck or goose downs  pillows are the ultimate choice of luxury.

We also provide the pillow protector shells which protects the pillows from germs and dirt by using them. If the pillow protector is dirty then you can wash it and cover the pillow back from it. So you will never need to wash any pillow itself. Over pillows are in the vacuumed shape which doesn’t take much space to keep in stock before usage.