We use many different types of stuffing or filling in our made ups. Mostly we follow the instructions of our hotel clients but we also provide them a range of choices for the stuffing of the made ups in each different item of hospitality textiles.

Wadding Sheet:

Our made waddins sheet is made with the virgin polyester fibre and low melt is made just exactly requirement of the customer and product. Like mattress protector use the hard wadding sheet which keeps the mattress protector surface firmer having non siliconized virgin polyester. The wadding sheet in duvet is mostly siliconized and silky which makes the duvet softer, fluffy and comfortable. We can provide the wadding filling from 100-1200 GSM.

Polyester Felt:

The needle punched felt we use is one of the best fillings for the duvet and mattress and mattress protectors. This is compact and makes the product look smart and classical.

Siliconized Ball Fibres:

We only use the 100% virgin ball fibre as the stuffing of pillows, cushions, bolsters and neckrolls. This has a high bounce, great comfort and is a very fluffy and light weight thing to fill. The silky stuff of filling make it even more comfortable. The quality of the product is 7 D, 32 mm, 100% virgin siliconized polyester fibre.

Duck Feathers:

Duck frathers is a cheap and luxury filling of the made ups. The duck feathers we use for stuffing are are hygienic, white washed, 2-6 cms collected from duck and goose. Duck feather are firmer and used for the firm pillow requirements and goose feathers are lighter and softer than duck feathers.  Our feather filling is 4 times washed after extracted from ducks.

Duck Downs:

Duck Downs are the most expensive and most luxurious filling with the comfort level having no comparison. Our duck downs are hygienic, bleached and washed and made order free while processing.